“It’s important to take time out to enjoy and preserve the astonishing beauty of our Earth. For me, a photo captures a moment with a  wild animal that I hope to remember forever. Being with a wild animal can be breathtaking, euphoric, exhilarating, spiritual, transcending, humbling. It reminds us of the bond between people, animals and the natural world. If we forget our interconnectedness, we risk forgetting our humanity towards each other and our responsibility to the planet.   
      It gives me great pleasure to share these images with you and to share a deep love and concern for the wider and wilder world, beyond our small daily lives. Don't rush. Take time to emerse yourself in Nature. Meditate on the wonder of these amazing animals.
     All profits from sales of my photography are donated to research and conservation programs to directly benefit the animals, their habitats and the local communities who need our support to live in harmony with wildlife.  
 Michelle Lawford, Sydney Australia 2012