One of the strangest close encounters I have ever had was in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming/Montana, USA. A coyote started following me down the road and then sat next to me, like a pet, as I photographed other coyotes at a kill. Once the other coyotes had their fill and left, my friend sauntered down to the carcass and tore into it with such blood-thirsty enthusiasm, I was shaken out of my complacency and remembered this was an A predator.

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 Help the planet by decorating your walls  at home or at work, with the highest quality wildlife photos from an Australian photographer. Choose from hundreds of original photos.  Control where your money goes; don’t pay for profits. With  the money you save, make a generous donation to the conservation organisation of your choice. Send me proof of your donation and I will send you high resolution images for free.

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