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Save the planet by decorating your walls at home and at work

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WILD: original wildlife photography by Michelle Lawford.


Art is usually expensive but when you buy original artwork from WILD, you pay a fraction of the normal retail price because you do not pay for profits. All you will be charged is the actual price of the print plus a flat fee to cover related costs. You get a beautiful artwork, sized to your specifications: signed and ready for framing. 

Use  the money you saved to  make a generous donation to the conservation project  of your choice. Alternatively, send me proof of your generous donation and I will send you a link so you can simply  download the image(s) yourself.



      1.    No need to spend time visiting galleries, shops or websites.      

             Choose from one website with hundreds of original photos.

    2.  No need to spend time searching for prints that are the right size.

             You can order prints any size, tailored to your needs.


      3.  Don’t get stuck with a standard frame you don’t want. 

             You decide how you want to frame your art.

        4.  Be in control of where your money goes.    

              Spend your money on the planet, not profit.


         5. Don’t buy mass-produced or “stock” photos.    

              Get original, signed wildlife photos from an Australian wildlife photographer 




buy art that looks good and achieves good things 




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Wild Photography is happy to recommend the following organisations

doing great work to protect wild animals and their habitats

 The Churchill Northern Studies Centre is an independent non-profit research station dedicated to understanding and sustaining the northern habitat and its animals, particularly polar bears.

 Dean, owner of Knight Inlet Lodge,accepts donations to help purchase the hunting rights to Knight Inlet each year, thereby preventing the shooting of the bears of Knight Inlet.

 The Killer Whale Adoption Program is an initiative of the Vancouver Aquarium for the research and monitoring of resident orca pods around Vancouver Island. 

 Orangutan Appeal UK  rehabilitates orphaned orangutans for eventual release back into the wild.

 Tulum Monkey Sanctuary rescues spider monkeys that have been taken out of the wild and are kept in small cages as pets and tourist attractions, isolated from other monkeys. Poachers tend to kill the mothers and take the easier-to-handle babies. At the Tulum Monkey Sanctuary, rescued monkeys have 1 hectare of  their natural environment, safe from predators and poachers. Here they  recover their health so that they can be released back into the wild. Richard has been involved in monkey rescue and rehabilitation for over 20 years. He would like to buy another tract of jungle to expand his ability to rescue and rehabilitate monkeys.