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Wild At Work

Wildlife photographs that decorate and donate
Help the planet by decorating your walls at home and at work with the highest quality wildlife photos from WILD: original wildlife photography by Michelle Lawford.

Send me proof of your  donation to the conservation organisation of your choice and I will send you a high resolution image of your choice. To decorate an entire workplace or residence, make a generous donation to match the number of photos you require.


No need to spend time visiting galleries, shops or websites.

Choose from one website with hundreds of original photos.

No need to spend time searching for prints that are the right size.

You can order prints any size, tailored to your needs.

Don’t get stuck with a standard frame you don’t want.

You decide how you want to frame your art.

Be in control of where your money goes.

Spend your money on the planet, not profit.

Don’t buy mass-produced or “stock” photos.

Get original, signed wildlife photos from an Australian wildlife photographer

Email  to buy art that looks good and achieves good things or donate directly here.

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