Primate Picnic – Travel Play Live

The chimps are somewhere, close but unseen. There is total silence in the beautiful, still forest. We must also be still, merging with our surroundings; present but not intrusive. Suddenly the troop is on the move again. On foot, smashing and crashing through the forest like vandals. Some are swinging through the air, grabbing anything …

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Hunters and Gatherers

I had just spent 2 unforgettable days at Riding Mountain Guest Ranch in Manitoba, Canada, with Candy and Jim Irwin. On the 3 hour drive back to Winnipeg, I told Candy I would like to write about the park. Candy, a woman never lost for words, was oddly silent and then told me in a …

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Eye Of The Beholder

We huddle on deck, our senses heightened on waves of anticipation. A brisk wind whips at the ocean and our hopes, creating peaks and troughs. As the boat rises and falls on the swell, our minds lurch to and fro. Will we see whales? How many? How close? What if we see nothing? The last …

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Crowned Jewels of Japan

Six am. January 11, 2012. Ottowa Bridge, Tsrui Village, Hokkaido, Japan. Temperature: minus 21. Not your usual family holiday. My vision: me, my son ( 13) and my daughter (16), each with our SLR and our zoom lens, photographing red crowned cranes in their nesting ground in the dawn mist. Perhaps this vision of family …

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Lovers or Fighters?

Each year in mid October, polar bears begin to arrive in Churchill, Manitoba, on the north east Coast of Canada to await the formation of sea ice in Hudson Bay. This is one of the natural world’s great events. They journey here because this is the first place in the world where the sea ice …

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High Hopes

With each day that passes, the situation becomes more desperate. When will the sea ice form? The bears are starving. How much longer can they wait?  For the females, time is running out. They have to put on enough weight before denning to ensure a viable pregnancy. Already impregnated during the mating season, the implantation …

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Yellowstone in Winter

I realise now that you can’t photograph Yellowstone in winter. It is not a still life. Yellowstone is in constant motion. I don’t mean the animals. I mean Yellowstone. Moving animals are easy to capture in an image. The camera can freeze a moment in time and convey every aspect of an animal in motion. …

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Help The Animals

WILD At Work

Buy Art that Looks Good and Achieves Good Things!

 Help the planet by decorating your walls  at home or at work, with the highest quality wildlife photos from an Australian photographer. Choose from hundreds of original photos.  Control where your money goes; don’t pay for profits. With  the money you save, make a generous donation to the conservation organisation of your choice. Send me proof of your donation and I will send you high resolution images for free.

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